In Turkey ocakbasi restaurants are where people eat when they're out, as opposed to places to go out to eat at.

Mangal was established in 1990 and it is a typical ocakbasi, no menu, a refigerated display of raw kebabs, a steaming, sizzling ocak grill, a hot table laden with simmering stews and braises. Hot pide and sac breads accompany starters of lentil soup or garlicky cacik, and ezme is a winning dish of roasted aubergine mashed with olive oil, fresh tomato, green herbs and hot pepper.

As one of the most famous Ocakbasi Restaurants in East London, we invite you to find out why we were given the best Turkish Restaurant award by the Time Out Magazine.
Fluid London 2010
Mangal is a superbly authentic Turkish restaurant, offering fresh food cooked on an open charcoal grill. With excellent food, value and service, Mangal has established a reputation for a splendid night of Turkish cuisine.
View - 2010
With its legendary reputation for grills, Mangal doesn’t bother with frills. It has started producing a takeaway menu, but diners are asked to choose from the long list of kebabs above the counter before taking their seats (this can occasionally mean queuing). The interior is long, dominated on one side by the counter and the ocakbaşı grill. Tiled walls feature traditional kilim mats preserved in frames of various dimensions. The functional tables have plain wooden tops and metal legs, like old school desks. More starters are now available, including lahmacun, houmous and cacik. That’s all to the good, but it’s the grills that have earned Mangal a hallowed status – and they’re worthy of it. A long lamb beyti hung off the edges of our plate and came with chopped leaf salad and bread (both thick fresh pide and fine saç bread). Fresh herbs and spices could clearly be seen and tasted in the minced lamb after it had been sliced: excellent. The slow evolution of Mangal is commendable, but don’t expect the chefs to stray too far from the grill. Nor should they
Time Out Eating & Drinking Guide 2009

Kebabs are exemplary-spicy minced chicken was a study in strident flavouring and yielding texture-and are served over bread with crisp, onion-loud salad. Sweets are limited to one or two milk-based options, coffee is excellent, tea is bright and strong. Prices are very fair, and you are encouraged to bring your own wine.
A culinary journey through Turkey's South East that is also a destination.

Time Out 2002
An open charcoal grill, fresh-chopped vegetables and top-notch lamb make this compact friendly place a world away from the average British kebab house.

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So successful that it's opened a "diffusion" branch, the Mangal is where to go for genuine Turkish group that's both flavoursome and brilliant value.
The Independent, Eating Out In London
Even though meat is king here, a request for a vegetarian dish was met with a delicious grilled aubergine dish, served with yoghurt, salad and bread. If you crave greens, a skewer of large barbecued chillies is less hot than you might think and simply delicious. The set-up is basic, but it's spotlessly clean, and filled with the distinctive char-grill smell.
Time Out 1994